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At times, you may find yourself at a standstill with payments coming from insurance companies due to paperwork backlogs. Let us pursue those payments for faster results.

Never have any one file sit dormant. We will follow up on all your claims that are delayed for 30 or more days.

Increase your cash flow

and be amazed at the dramatic changes you see in your

paid-in-full accounts.

Recover your

outstanding balances

 •  Re-file when necessary

 •  Research and correspondence

 •  Appeal claims

 •  Forward balances

If you constantly ask your clients for payment, the professional image that you work hard to maintain can become skewed. Let us take care of daunting collections!

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Are you struggling with insurance companies?

Get tenacious representation.

Take advantage of our talents.

Maintain a professional and friendly relationship.

quickly and affordably.

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